Quick Quips – January 22nd

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The Angels traded center fielder Gary Matthews Jr. to the Mets today, along with $21.5 million. How bad is a player when you have to pay another team to take him? How desperate is the other team to actually want him?

The Phillies signed pitcher Jose Contreras to a one year contract today. This coming just after they gave Joe Blanton a 3 year, $24 million contract. Let me get this straight…..they pass on trying to keep Cliff Lee and sign him to an extension and instead give Blanton $24 million for 3 years, then sign Contreras. Cliff Lee will probably end up with more wins and strikeouts that both of those pitchers combined. They did play it smart and sign Shane Victorino to a contract extension, but I have to say Ruben Amaro Jr really messed up by letting Lee go.

Rick Ankiel signed with the Kansas City Royals………..and no one seemed to notice. Is it just me, or does Ankiel have far less appeal now that the whole “failed pitcher turned slugging outfielder” story line has worn thin?

Oakland A’s prospect Grant Desme officially retired from baseball to join the priesthood. Probably for the best. I mean really, the best thing to come out of Oakland in the last few years is Matt Holliday.


And the winner is…….

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If I had to declare a “winner” of this offseason so far, it would most definitely be the Seattle Mariners. First they sign free agent Chone Figgins to be their starting 3B. Granted, not a huge upgrade from Adrian Beltre, but by signing Figgins they were able to take him away from the Angels. Second, they came out of nowhere to be the third team in a three team deal that netted them Cy Young winner Cliff Lee. What’s amazing about this is they were somehow able to keep their top prospects and still land one of the most dominant pitchers in the game today. Finally, they signed Felix Hernandez to a 5 year $78 million deal. Not only did they manage to lock up one of the youngest (and best) pitchers in the game, but they did it at a little bit of a discount. Enough of a discount that there are now rumors that they may try and sign Cliff Lee to a contract extension, or sign a free agent hitter to bolster their lineup. One way or the other, the Seattle Mariners are now a force to be reckoned with in the AL West and are definitely my pick to win the division. My hats off to you, Jack Zduriencik, you’ve done what every GM in the game dreams of………you’ve turned nothing into something.

Are the Giants Blind?……Part 2

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Arbitration deadline has come and gone. All the big name players were offered contracts, except Tim Lincecum! He requested $13 million……..the Giants said $8 million. $8 million! For a two time Cy Young award winner and one of the best pitchers in the game. That’s insulting! If I was Tim Lincecum I’d be looking for a way out of the Bay as soon as possible.

Are the Giants Blind?

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Tim Lincecum is a two time Cy Young award winner and one of the best pitchers in baseball. Last season he became the first back-to-back NL Cy Young award winner since Randy Johnson. He’s 33-12 over the past two, Cy Young winning, seasons.
Friday 128 players filed for salary arbitration………..Tim Lincecum was one of them. WHY!? Are the San Francisco Giants blind? Maybe it’s just me but I would think one Cy Young award would be enough for me to say “Gee, this guy’s pretty good. Maybe we should give him a contract and lock him up for as long as we can”. But no, like the Phillies did with Ryan Howard, the Giants are letting it go to salary arbitration. Did they not see how much money the Phillies had to shell out to Howard, who is well worth it? Of all the contracts, trades, drafts, and roster moves that are done in baseball, it is the opinion of this lowly baseball fan that one of the smartest moves ever made was when the Milwaukee Brewers signed Ryan Braun to an eight year contract. It was simple. The Brewers were smart enough to realize what they had in Braun and jumped at the chance to keep him in a Brewers uniform for as long as possible. So, two Cy Young awards and the Giants still don’t want to give up the multi year big bucks. I’m pretty sure he’s earned it. So my message to Giants General Manager Brian Sabean is, “WAKE UP!”. If you were smart you would have signed him to a contract (much like Braun’s with Milwaukee) as soon as you realized what you had. But you didn’t and now it’s gonna cost you……………big time!

Why? Why hasn’t Pete Rose been reinstated?

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Pete Rose. One of the best, if not THE best, hitters to play the game of baseball. Stellar career, both as a player and as a player/manager. Should have been inducted into the hall of fame a long time ago. Instead he’s stuck in some sort of baseball limbo. Why, you ask? Because he made a mistake. A mistake that he has apologized for over and over. If not for that one mistake he would have been voted into the hall of fame on the first ballot. I’m sure he’s not the only baseball player to ever make a mistake. Time to forgive and forget Mr. Selig and let one of the best hitters of all time back into baseball. Maybe then you can turn your attention to the “Steroid Era” that happened right under your nose…….but that’s a whole new topic there now isn’t it?

Should Bud Selig remove the lifetime ban on Pete Rose?

To All Those Who Care To Listen

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This is “The Fake Bud Selig”, the opinions, ideas, and (sometimes) facts from an ordinary baseball fan. I’m calling it “The Fake Bud Selig” because, in my opinion, there are many things in the world of baseball that the commissioner, Bud Selig, does not address. All I’m offering is random thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns about baseball. I will try my hardest to not be biased in any way toward any team, even though I’m a die-hard Minnesota Twins fan, but I apologize if I go on the occasional Twins rant. I also may throw in the random life experience and family story. I hope that you come along with me on this journey into the world of baseball and life, but beware you may like what you read.